Call Center Outsourcing Services

We offer the entire range of contact center services, with dedicated communication channels (phone, e-mail, chat, SMS, fax): Telephone Surveys, Infoline, Customer Support, Order handling, Overflow, Live Chat Support, Services 24/7/365.
call center outsourcing services 24/7
All the services offered by Valoris are available 24 / 7, and assure you an ongoing communication with your customers, no matter if the interaction takes place during business hours or outside this period. If you are looking for non-stop availability, Valoris 24 / 7 is an excellent method to offer a service dedicated to your customers.

Customer Support

customer support
By using the Customer Support service we help you consolidate on the long term the relationship with your customers. Besides handling the support and assistance solicitations or solving the customers’ complaints, we provide you with solutions that allow you to be permanently aware of your customers’ opinion, being therefore able to anticipate their needs and desires.

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When the high volume activity exceeds your personnel capacity to handle and resolve the requests, Contact Center Overflow is the optimal solution for offering a positive customer support experience and for building a long-term collaboration with your customers. The waiting calls are redirected to us, therefore avoiding losing them and your customers’ requests are attended in optimal time.

By using Contact Center Overflow, Valoris handles the overflow activity, and you can maintain an efficient and ongoing communication with your customers, and at the same time, being assured that they will always be assisted at the highest level of professionalism. The service can be activated on any communication channel: phone, fax, email and chat.

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Live Chat Support

life chat support
Valoris provides agents with experience in online communication, and allows you to focus on developing your business, while benefiting of a dynamic and modern customer support solution. In addition, the Live chat support service offers practical solutions for taking orders and capitalizing the up and cross selling opportunities for your products and services. By integrating a live chat support option on your website, you allow customers to obtain real time answers, increasing their level of satisfaction.

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Valoris has a team of representatives trained to take the customers calls and answer their questions regarding your services and products. The infoline can be activated for any communication channel: phone, fax, e-mail, chat, co-browsing, sms.

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Order handling

order handling
Valoris team takes, via the agreed communication channels, the customers’ and prospects sale requests. We provide agents with Ecommerce, teleshopping and direct mailing proven experience, according to your needed timetable, or with 24/7 availability. The agents are trained to rapidly and efficiently interact with the customers, offering assistance in processing the orders and capitalize the up and cross selling opportunities. By using the order handling service, you increase the number and the value of the processed and finalized orders, gaining long-term customers.

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Telephone Surveys

telephone surveys

We contact the persons from the target database and gather the information you need and we agreed upon. The telephone survey service offers you complex quantitative reports that will significantly simplify the qualitative analysis. The information can be saved in a variety of formats (csv, xls, word, pdf, etc) and adapted so that you can analyze the results and identify the market trends, as well as the customers’ perception.

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Proven Results

Over 95% of our clients trust us on a long term basis, working with us since the beginning of our activity in 2006 and choosing to constantly upgrade the range of services we offer. Because we always obtain good results for our clients.


A highly experienced management team coordinates over 300 result oriented young professionals. Over 100 agents are proficient in English, and half of them are fluent in a second international language. Listen to voice samples


Valoris offers outstanding call center services to businesses of all sizes.

Worldwide Experience

We work with customers from all over the world, offering them the best support according to their needs, specific time schedule and spoken language.

Top Technologies

The communication solution is offered by CISCO, CRM and database provided by Microsoft and two call-logging solutions which ensure redundancy.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do. Valoris is certified to the following international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SR OHSAS 18001 and SR EN 15838:2010 (customer contact center quality standard).