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“Bitdefender is the creator of award-winning, internationally certified Internet Security and Antivirus software. Since its inception in 2001, Bitdefender has continued to raise the bar to set new standards in proactive threat prevention and virus removal, in many cases leading the way in the best Internet security detection techniques to prevent the spread of malicious threats. Thanks to its first-class products and state of the art technologies, the company rapidly expanded into a worldwide leader. Bitdefender made its entrance on the international market when opening offices in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Spain.

We chose Valoris after a thorough market analysis, and also because of the excellent recommendations received from large Romanian companies that have ongoing projects with Valoris. Our collaboration started with a small pilot project, and continued to develop as Valoris convinced us of the quality they offered and their professionalism. We are currently working with Valoris offering technical support services for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Romania, and we are sure that our long term partnership will continue to develop with new ranges of services.”

Eugenia Lungu, Customer Care Services Manager, Bitdefender Romania

UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN S.A., is the most important leasing company in Romania, registered as early as 1994.

A professional Customer Care service is very important for UniCredit Leasing, in order to quickly and professionally respond to our customer requests. That is why, for the past 6 years we’ve chosen to outsource the Customer Care services, towards a company specialized in the contact center services.

Following a strict bidding selection, the company that confirmed its capability to successfully achieve all business requirements and which was entrusted with this project is Valoris Center, which was regarded as a professional contact center services outsourcer which covers the entire area of services associated with call center activity.

The entire project was functional in one and a half month, and it was designed for a volume of 31000 inbound calls monthly.

The first quantitative and qualitative results, presented at the end of the trial period were in accordance with UniCredit Leasing expectations. UniCredit Leasing decided to increase the volume of services requested from Valoris Center by 50%. The results of outsourcing the Customer Care Services towards Valoris Center were seen in optimized costs of human resources, professional customer treatment and accessibility, as well as flexibility for UniCredit Leasing business progress.

Now, after 6 years of collaboration, we provide a steady and qualitative customer service, confirmed by our customers in our yearly Customer Satisfaction Survey. Our focus is to find new ways of delighting our customers, by developing together new projects (mostly outbound). Over 35% of all interactions of all channels of communication are serviced by Valoris Center.

Taking into consideration the professionalism, performance and authentic assistance in the growth of UniCredit Leasing regarding the delivery of high quality Customer Care services, we recommend Valoris Center as a trustful partner in development, implementation and management of professional contact center services.

Our business relationship with Valoris Center is consolidated in a long term partnership through the development and implementation of other services in the customer care area.”

Daniela Panaitescu, Manager Customer Operations, UniCredit Leasing Corporation IFN 

Telekom Romania  is one of the most important players on the Romanian Telecom market, having a wide range of varied products of fixed telephony, broadband internet and digital television services.

The major point of interest is the customer, the company being permanently concerned about ensuring a proper and constant level of satisfaction to its customers, both by a transparent and close customer communication and by the diversification of the ranger of products and services. In this respect, we developed a complex marketing strategy that includes the development of alternative selling channels, through telesales services (Up Selling services, Cross Selling, survey services).

Valoris Center proved that they understand very well our needs, succeeding in the shortest time to adapt and respond to our request to pursue both the need and the availability of the customer to buy new services and conclude the selling process. We appreciate the way in which Valoris achieved the management of the Call Center services program, the employees’ attitude in relationship with the customers, the flexibility of approach and especially the final result. The collaboration with Valoris Center resulted in a real positive impact on our sales performance, which made us develop with them other projects as well.

We truly recommend Valoris as a trustworthy partner, both for selling services through alternative channels and through the development of other Call Center services.”

Aurora Enescu, Marketing Manager, Telekom Romania

TNS Italy
“Hyundai Motor Company is maintaining its growth and development despite an extremely competitive market environment, and we will continue to grow through brand innovation based on quality, which will serve as a basis for consolidating our strength internally and securing future competitiveness.

We know that our goals are bold, but the key strategy to obtaining them is always being in touch with the consumers’ opinion. We needed a competent partner to conduct the customer satisfaction surveys, and Valoris convinced us that they will deliver the information we needed. This happened back in 2008, and since then, Valoris was our only one supplier for conducting these surveys. We can truly say that our results are due to the good work done by Valoris!”

Dorian Buzea, After-Sales & Development Director, Hyundai Auto Romania

TNS Italy
“Flagship of French industry, Peugeot is one of the foremost pioneers on the international automotive front. In just over 2 centuries the brand’s activities have developed around its passion and technological challenges. By focusing on research and development, Peugeot has always adapted to the needs of the times and has been constantly one step ahead. More than ever before, innovation is the key of the success of its vehicles and engines.

Valoris is a partner that understands core values, and delivers quality that matches our high requirements, therefore, we are happy to recommend their services.”

Cristian Tomescu, Development & Quality Manager, Peugeot Romania

TNS Italy
“We selected Valoris Center based on received recommendations. TNS believes that competitive pricing and high-quality service are complementary, not conflicting objectives. Valoris Center helped us reduce costs of data collection and offered us quality services.”GianMaria Defilippi – Senior Researcher, TNS Italia
004 Gmbh and Telekom Romania (part of Deutsche Telekom Group)
“Telekom Romania, the largest telecom company in Romania, opened in April 2011 a new online store, It was developed with the help of 004 Gmbh, one of the leading e-commerce full-service providers that offer a comprehensive portfolio of services in order to bring an online-shop to live successfully and also to give break to a long-term growth. More than 10.000 products ranging from consumer electronics, kitchen, lifestyle, and many more are shipped from the logistic center in Aschaffenburg to Bucharest, and from there, distributed to consumers all over Romania.

Since its opening in 2011, all the customer support activities have been provided by Valoris Center, and we will definitely continue the collaboration, as we were highly satisfied with the results they offered. More than that, we have decided to develop new projects in foreign languages with Valoris.”

Alina Cazacu, Manager Non Core eActivities, Telekom Romania

Arval BNP
“We chose to collaborate with Valoris Center, because of the recommendations they received, and the client portfolio on the leasing segment which represent the proof of efficient communication with this client category. By reason of good results, the project has been developed, and for the future we will consider other call center services.”

Bogdan Carp, Operations Director, Arval Romania

“IDT Europe is a division of IDT Telecom, a world leader of telecom services.  IDT has out-sourced call-centers globally, including South America, Europe, India, and the United States. IDT provides competitively priced wholesale carrier services to a variety of customers, including established European and foreign carriers, new and emerging telephone companies.

For our main offices in Europe, we have been working with the Valoris Center for over 1 year.  Valoris is currently supporting both our debit calling card needs as well as some of our Financial Service need for our customers in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and, recently added, French Canada. They are providing us with excellent support along with very good speakers for international languages. ”

James Chanda, Global Call-Center Operations Manager, IDT CORP

Proven Results

Over 95% of our clients trust us on a long term basis, working with us since the beginning of our activity in 2006 and choosing to constantly upgrade the range of services we offer. Because we always obtain good results for our clients.


A highly experienced management team coordinates over 300 result oriented young professionals. Over 100 agents are proficient in English, and half of them are fluent in a second international language. Listen to voice samples


Valoris offers outstanding call center services to businesses of all sizes.

Worldwide Experience

We work with customers from all over the world, offering them the best support according to their needs, specific time schedule and spoken language.

Top Technologies

The communication solution is offered by CISCO, CRM and database provided by Microsoft and two call-logging solutions which ensure redundancy.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do. Valoris is certified to the following international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SR OHSAS 18001 and SR EN 15838:2010 (customer contact center quality standard).